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Hey what’s going on world? My name is Randy and welcome to No Replacement for Displacement! I’ve dedicated this blog to everybody who loves talking about motors! I’ve had a fascination with cars and engines and acceleration and all of that awesome stuff for a long, long time. “No Replacement for Displacement” is going to focus on news and discussion about the latest in automotive motor technology such as new engines the major manufacturers are developing, engine management technology, turbocharging/supercharging, and pretty everything else involving getting a car of truck to move forward as fast as it can. As you are aware, back in the day there was indeed no replacement for displacement. The bigger the engine block, the more volume of air each piston could displace, the faster you could get your car to go forward. However, with the full integration of microtechnology and advanced materials development into today’s motors, you are almost exclusive use of small block V-6’s and V-8 than ever before in passenger vehicles.  As a result you can get performance that meets or exceeds an older big block motor on the highway or on the track. This is something i’ll get into further in later posts. Anyways, look for me and check out the blog at noreplacementfordisplacement.com. Again i’m Randy and hope to see you back soon for more motor talk. Have a good one.

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