Ford’s re-engineered EcoBoost motor

Earlier this year, Ford introduced an upgraded version of it’s award winning EcoBoost engine. The re-worked motor will power the 2017 Ford F-150 alongside the 2.7 L v-6 motor and the 5.2 L DOHC V-8 motor. The newly introduced version has a 3.5 liter displacement, 375 horsepower, and 450 ft-lbs of torque. The EcoBoost engine has in increase of 10 hp and 50 ft-lbs of torque over the previous generation EcoBoost engine, which Ford has used in it’s F-150s since its introduction in 2009. Ford’s new motor will be mated to a 10 speed automatic transmission. This will be the only available transmission in the F-150.

The reworked motor has two forms of injection instead of one: direct and port injection. The direct injection will allow for greater fuel efficiency gains while the port injection will reduce reported cylinder misfire and reduce carbon buildup on the intake valves that came about as a result of using direct injection alone. Ford also replaced the existing twin turbos with lighter ones that provide additional boost and new wastegates that are activated electonically. The improvements are in keeping with Ford’s desire to reduce weight and improve fuel economy while increasing overall performance. The new EcoBoost engine maintains a high level of responsiveness when accelerating and still provides a good deal of low end torque. Drivers will get near, if not the same, V-8 performance from a V-6 engine.

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